Want To Employ Positive Sales Techniques? Just Go To A Fine Dining Restaurant

Want To Employ Positive Sales Techniques? Just Go To A Fine Dining Restaurant

Three, two, one…..Boom!

How are you all doing? I have a question for you!

What makes wine tastier and a juicy steak more sumptuous?

A welcoming atmosphere and a friendly ambience make all the difference. But where do these usually start? They all start with exuding positivity.

Yes, if you’re a salesperson or a CEO being a positive thinker is a must-have quality to fill your pockets with money! This is what sets most fine dining restaurants apart from regular fast food outlets. Restaurant staff greets you with the sweetest of smiles, ushers you to your table, making sure you’re comfortable….the list goes on. You’re treated like a king or queen. And you always get that fantastic dining experience that makes you come back for more!

There are hundreds of fine dining restaurant out there, but what makes some of them a customer magnet?

We’ll examine what these restaurants do to obtain repeat customers.

What Does A Positive Sales Technique Look Like?

1. The powerful impact of first impressions

Do you believe that first impression lasts? I do. And what does first impression have to do with positive selling anyway? Well, imagine having a scrumptious meal in a fine dining restaurant. The first thing you’ll notice is that sellers always, and I mean always start strong. This is the power of positivity. If you had a bad day and you don’t shake off the negative thought, you’ll attract negative vibes all throughout the day. And since starting strong creates a lasting impression, you gain satisfied buyers who will definitely come back to do business with you in the future.

A good example is when you opt for a wine service. Observe how restaurant staff does it. They don’t just nonchalantly pour the wine into your glass and leave. They establish rapport, they make recommendations. Before they leave your table, they see to it that you are satisfied with the product and service.

2. Going the extra mile pays off

Have you ever felt a sense of satisfaction when you try to get out of your comfort zone? Or when you go beyond your limits? Thriving fine dining restaurants offer more than just the standard selection. If you were to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, you’ll understand why having more choices is better. Diners love it when you treat them special. It doesn’t have to be a special product or service. Making their experience special is enough to turn them into repeat customers.

3. Timing is everything

If you’re a keen observer, restaurant staff usually offers the dessert when the meal is barely finished and not when the food is completely digested. Why? It’s simply because the feeling of fullness might just result in customers declining the offer for a dessert. It teaches you a valuable lesson. Don’t wait too long to offer your product. Find the right timing. Believe me, it works!

4. Customers will be loyal if you’re loyal to them

The dessert doesn’t conclude your customer’s dining experience. It’s just an opportunity for you to boost their experience. Some won’t stick with their diners once the purchase has been completed. Don’t!

Give diners something they’ll never forget- a great customer experience. Make them feel valued and you’re not in a hurry. The positive mutual relationship will come naturally.

You’re in complete control of how your sales strategy will turn out. Don’t allow a bad day to distract you. Remember, the mind is so powerful that whatever it attracts you’ll manifest. So, c’mon! Attract positivity to employ positive sales technique effectively.

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