It’s Not About How Much You Invest But How Well You Invest

It’s Not About How Much You Invest But How Well You Invest

Hey everyone! How’s your day?

Are you crunching numbers, trying to figure out how you can meet your financial goals?

Well, we’re going to talk about making a wise investment…with little money.

Is it even possible? I understand that some of you may have put off investing. All because of thinking you need a lot of money.

By a lot of money, I mean thousands of dollars. Well, that’s not true! Investment has nothing to do with how much you invest. It’s about how well you invest.

And I’m not talking about Wall- -Street-for-Startups kind of strategy. You’ll be surprised that it’s as simple as…..wait for it…

developing good habits!

Do you know that a habit of putting away money each month is a good jumping-off point for creating a stronger financial position?

Not quite sure how to do it?

A few questions will lead you in the right direction.

Is investing right for you?

Ask yourself WHY you want to invest before dipping your toes into picking a stock market fund or buying your first share. It can be pretty scary you know. Done right, your stocks and shares can outperform your money in your savings accounts. We’ll still take your personal circumstances into consideration though. Okay, so where do you begin?

If you’re sure you want to invest, you might want to be careful if somebody provides you advice-it could be a friend or family member. You might be persuaded just because you hear some industry jargons like “bung a few quid” and “shoot the lights out”. It might not be wise to invest if you have little savings. Sounds like basic housekeeping, but it will prevent you from putting yourself into a situation where you could barely keep up with your credit card payments. Analyze your overall financial situation. Sort out your debts to avoid allowing your financial situation to take a turn for the worse.

How much are you willing to invest?

Does setting aside a big lump sum assure you of a wise investment? Here’s a rule of thumb: don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. The stock market crash may result in losing the money you’ve invested. Allow yourself enough time to check how the stock market is doing. With little savings and more debts, you’re gambling your money on stock markets, which will eventually be the reason for your bankruptcy. If you’re after earning bigger returns, take it easy. Investing a small monthly sum is more manageable than investing too much of your money.

How do you invest?

Investing is a two-stage process. Start with choosing the platform you want to buy your funds or shares from. Take time to decide what investments you want to buy. You’ll also have to consider the charges for buying the investment and using the platform. Identifying what to invest in can be quite tricky especially for beginners like you. Whether you’re concerned about taking on too much risk or not sure which type of investment to choose, you can check out free websites where you’ll get a goldmine of insights on stock market and funds.

So go ahead, test your resolve. I want to see your investment in action.

Still too afraid to take that risk? I’ll help you get started. Follow this link and I’ll tell you how I can be of help!

3, 2, 1….Boom!

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