Are Your Customers Bored With Your Products? You Need A Human-To-Human Approach

Are Your Customers Bored With Your Products? You Need A Human-To-Human Approach

How is everyone doing? Do you have some sales and marketing challenges you want to share with me?

I’ll start by giving you a bit of insight about the importance of adding a human touch to your marketing strategy. You know what it feels like talking to a robot? That’s exactly what your customers feel if you’re too focused on upgrading your product without keeping your customers’ preference in mind.

I can see a lot of small businesses using a one-size-fits-all approach. Well, the bad news is this approach no longer works.

Let me tell you this-your consumers can become more demanding. They’ll begin to wonder: Hey! What’s in it for me? With the freedom to choose who they can do business with, sticking with impersonal marketing strategy will cause the death of your business.

It’s not always about who gets to offer the BEST product. The trend is now shifting to human-to-human approach. Now from a customer’s perspective, knowing that a brand or company cares about my specific needs and wants proves that they value me as a consumer.

Product-Centric vs Customer Centric Approach

So you’re trying to create the best product. This is an example of a product-centered approach. A customer-centered approach is about creating the best solution for your customers. Here’s another example: your company searches for new products to develop. Who benefits from these developments? Definitely not the customers. A human-centered approach doesn’t look for ways to develop new products. They’re more interested in searching for new needs to fill.

So, stop thinking too much. Here’s why human-centric marketing is the name of the game!

1. It Determines What Your Customers’ Needs Are

You don’t just wake up, have an AHA! moment and call all your staff to tell them to shift gears. It doesn’t work that way. You’ll need to dive deeper into your customers’ psyche to identify what they need and want. There’s no better way to accurately identify their needs than to talk to them. These are the reasons why you have reviews and feedback section on your website or social media page. You don’t have to keep on guessing whether or not you’re meeting the needs of your customers.

2. It Increases Brand Awareness

Branding is big of a deal these days. Well, for a good reason-they complete the marketing circle. So branding is just about how you want your business to be known, right? If this is your perception, then I have bad news for you. You’re forgetting one key element to elevate your brand. You should focus on how targeted consumers perceive your products or services.


When you focus on the customer experience regardless of the buying process, the positive customer perception will be your best weapon for elevating your branding.

Ever wonder why Google, Amazon, Costco always score higher in customer satisfaction survey than their competitors? They never underestimate the power of delivering a great customer experience. I’ve known big brands that disappeared because of poor customer service. There’s no exception.

So how do you provide the best customer experience? Treat your customers like a superstar.

3. It Provides Customer Satisfaction

Human-focused marketing strategy makes your customers feel wanted and valued. Even if you offer the best products or services, without the human touch, it’s easy for your customers to forget your brand. There’s just too many of you out there so why do you deserve their loyalty?

See?! You can lose potential customers in a snap. If you do away with the product-centric approach, you’ll create customer-inspired products.

You build your credibility and earn customer’s trust by letting them know you’re aware of their pain points. One thing I observed about consumers getting a hold of a customer support rep over the phone is that they always ask if they’re talking to a real person. Stop reading from a script and let’s cut to the chase… My point? Stop selling and start caring.

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