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I have witnessed many business owners spent years planning only to find themselves going nowhere because of fear of taking risks. All those trainings and seminars are put to waste because they are clueless about the next step to take. I feel for these business owners. I know just how hard it is to map out that strategy, let alone, putting plans into practice.

Employees depend on you, but if you lack the confidence to make things happen, employees will also lose faith in themselves.


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As a former Captain rank in the Israeli Defense Forces, I had experienced all sorts of challenges, which demand mental toughness. Yes, it’s not enough that you survive. You need to thrive even when you feel like there’s no hope. Your mind dictates you to do things despite difficulties. In the army, there is no time for hesitation. It’s now or never. Fight or perish.

Business owners who want to take themselves to the next level, need to have a can-do attitude. Don’t let those years of training go to waste just because you’re afraid to try something new. It’s mindset + strategy that will help you succeed. A fixed mindset and a great strategy don’t go together. You need a growth mindset and an amazing strategy to move forward.

My methodology, content and coaching style is based off of my skills and experiences that I’ve acquired in the military and the traits that I have learned, developed, perfected and trained in over a decade of sales career within my roles as a high performance sales coach, business owner, sales manager, B2B and B2C sales professional in multiple industries (real estate, telecom, software and IT solutions).
From short and instant sales cycles to long and complex cycles, I’ve seen it all!
I’ve come up with a solid and robust strategy that is designed to change the pace of your operation, the energy and the financial outcome of your business.
The core values of my methodology:
– Hard core discipline.
– High and upbeat energy.
– Strong and positive mindset.
– Precise execution.
– Entrepreneurial mindset
There’s no time to think twice.
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