Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Hi everyone! How are you all doing today? On this TishBlog post we are going to talk about limiting beliefs and how you can shift them so you can move forward.

I know that some of you are already in the middle of fulfilling a dream, but because of those nagging doubts, you’re nowhere near your goals. There’s something inside of you that’s taunting you to stop. It’s that inner bully that’s causing you to throw in the white towel.

It might have something to do with old memories of unpleasant events, circumstances or even pain. Those are the foundations of your belief system. Those belief systems grip you tightly so you can’t soar high. We can’t control how people perceive us, but we can be our own critic.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Have you ever tried to join a basketball, soccer or a hockey team, but decided to shake off the thought just because of deluding yourself into believing that you CAN’T do it?

You might have been eager to be part of the glee club, but you set that dream aside because you think you CAN’T succeed. Even as you grow older, when you’re ready to face the world, you still decline the offer of promotion because you think you’re inferior and that someone is much better than you.

You know you want that job so bad, but you didn’t push through with the interview because you think you’re incapable. You silently watch that opportunity slip by, not realizing that your beliefs are causing you to hold on to your dreams.

You could have been better. You could have been more successful. You could have generated more sales, but you became held prisoner in your distorted beliefs.

Unless you free yourself from the shackles of those belief systems, you’ll never get to where you want to be. Hold onto your dreams instead of holding onto your beliefs that don’t serve a good purpose in the present moment.

What you need is to believe that you CAN do it! So you’re permanently damaged, defective? So what? Your disabilities don’t define who you truly are.

They’re just a tiny fraction of who you want yourself to be. Don’t let old stories deter you from having a happy ending. You’re the author of your life. You can rewrite the story. You can’t make those beliefs totally disappear, but you can re-affirm your truth by taking a step forward so that new truth will become YOUR reality.

Don’t allow these beliefs to sabotage you…

I’m a failure-All people fail, unless you stop trying, you’ll never know.

I’m not good enough-You can be better, just put your mind into it.

I’m incapable-You’re capable of doing everything, just try!

I can’t succeed- Yes you can, prove them wrong!

I’m inferior-All people are unique. We all have our own strengths.

I’m nothing-Everyone starts with nothing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be something.

I’m worthless-You’re priceless!

I don’t exist-It’s about time you stand out from the crowd.

I should die-You’re meant to live a meaningful life.

I’m defective-Who say’s defective can’t be effective?

I’m trash-You can turn yourself into treasure.

I’m powerful-Know your strength to embrace your power.

Shift your limiting beliefs and you’ll become unstoppable. Remove the glass ceiling from above your head, spread your wings and fly, as high as you can, as fast as you can. Believe that you meant for greatness, serve your purpose on this planet. YOU CAN DO IT!

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