Perception is Projection: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Outcome

Perception is Projection: How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Outcome

Good day everyone. How are you all doing today? Let’s talk about perception is projection. I know a lot of you have set goals for yourself or for your business, doing everything you can to work towards that goal. Your passion, drive, motivation fuel you to go above and beyond. You’re unstoppable. Yeah! You’re finally closer to your goal. But why is it that you keep on running around in circles? Nothing’s really happening. You’ve been working hard, but do you really have the right mindset to attract positivity?

What’s your day usually like? Do you wake up and feel like every day is a Monday. Oh, another day at work, yawn then you hit the snooze button.

You’re not in the mood to go to work. I feel you. I know that once negative emotions start to eat away at your creativity, decision-making skills, productivity, it becomes ultra difficult to change the course. So if you perceive your work as merely an obligation so you could pay the bills, pay your employees etc, then it’s time to reprogram your brain so it starts to attract positivity.

The negative emotions impact your motivation until you no longer see any positive progress. You dwell on bad stuff and forget about the good things that happened to you during the day. Our brains have a negativity bias, paying more attention to the negative experiences than the positive ones. Hey, snap out of it! The more you entertain negative thoughts, the more it will make your brain a breeding ground for negativity.

Not making any sales? Been turned down by your prospects? It’s not yet the end of the world! It’s time to do some mind detoxification by rewiring your brain so you can change the way you think.

This means that you dictate what yourself will project. If you’ve underestimated the power of your mind to attract positivity or negativity, may as well change that perception.

So let’s dive in…

Let’s get our hands dirty by building a habit that’s longer lasting and automatic. You’ll need to sustainably boost your creativity and productivity. So what if you didn’t reach your sales target today?! Tomorrow’s a new day. You can start over and rethink your strategies. If you believe you can do it, then you CAN definitely do it.

Don’t let your negative perception of things take over. If you think you can hit more sales by the end of the month. embrace it. Claim it. Don’t limit yourself just because you think it’s impossible. That’s no way a winner thinks. Go get it! Shake off those negative thoughts. They’re not going to help you achieve your goals.

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