212 Mindset: All It Takes Is That Extra Push

212 Mindset: All It Takes Is That Extra Push

Hi everyone! How are you doing today? My tip for today is about developing that 212 mindset. I’ll talk about what it means to give that extra 1 degree to push yourself further. You see, when water is at 211 degrees, it boils, it’s hot, but when it’s at 212, it creates steam. The steam is so POWERFUL enough to move an engine. Now, apply that 212 degrees mindset to your life. Don’t you think that giving an extra 1% will make a difference? It absolutely will!

You are an entrepreneur, you are working towards a goal, growing your sales, increasing your revenue or generating more profit. What would you do to conquer these goals? You don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the same routine. You go the extra mile. You put in more effort, more hours to get the job done. That’s exactly what 212 mindset is all about. Regardless of the areas of your life that you want to boost, all it takes is that extra 1 degree to turn the heat up.

Let me give you 3 essential things that you need to keep that fire burning. Number one is ENTHUSIASM. We are moved by EXCITEMENT, PASSION, and ENTHUSIASM. When your enthusiasm turns up, it’s hot enough to explode into PASSION. The passion which will ignite you to jump out of your bed and do something. You’ll finally say, “I’m done with daydreaming, I’m ready to roll!”

You’re pursuing your dreams because it’s that enthusiasm that turns you on. It’s like observing the boiling pot of water. You see that one bubble that comes up to the top while the rest of the bubbles are at the bottom? You need to turn up the heat for the rest of the bubbles to reach the top. If you want to be on top, you need to kick it up a notch.

With enthusiasm, you’ll have more energy and excitement. You have to push forward until you reach your goals!!!

Number two is FOCUS. Enthusiasm backed by focus gets you closer and closer to your goal. Distractions, like reading text messages or checking your Facebook, would reduce your drive to keep going. The noise that surrounds us can take our focus away. You need that laser-sharp focus to keep your eye on the prize. Laser-sharp focus coupled with passion and enthusiasm. When combined, you can cut through steel, or basically anything! It’s strong enough to fuel your energy to accomplish any dream, any task, any goal.

Finally, you need perseverance. Push yourself to win the war despite the battles. So what if you lose? It’s not the reason to sit down on the couch and watch TV, kissing your dreams goodbye. The game is not yet over. Get off the couch and finish the race. GET UP AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Only you can turn the water up. Would you just settle with making the water boil, or give that extra 1 degree to turn the heat up to 212 degrees? That extra push is all you need. You have to make it happen. Do you see the fire? It won’t turn itself up. You will! In your life, you make conscious decisions to get your own water boiling that will create your steam that’s powerful enough to take you in the direction that you desire. You create your own mindset. Don’t put out that fire inside you.

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